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cocoa bean

Farming Practices

We strive for sustainability, progress and traceability. Working to preserve our unique origines. 

We must time our harvesting and assess the maturity of the pod very carefully, as this is the first checkpoint in terms of final flavor. 

Almost all varieties and origins from the south and central America have the potential to excel in a bean to bar chocolate and it is our job to maximize that potential in our post-harvest process. 

The Farms



Adapted to each batch, origin and variety. Ideal point to squeeze all flavors and aromas.

To assess the fermentation quality of cocoa, we rely on test cuts.

We find the balance between a sufficient fermentation time, reducing astringency to an acceptable level, preserving the aromas formed which could evaporate if the fermentation is overdone.

Cut Tests

feve de cacao cru

Tunneled Drying System

Permanently protected from rainy weather.

Ventilation allows air to circulate and provide a uniformed drying process, covered by Polypropylene roofing to increase and retain internal heat.

We follow with rigor our drying practices as is the continuation of cotyledonal oxidation reactions, promoting the chocolate aroma before roasting.

cocoa bean


Dry, clean and low humidity environment keeping the bean optimal and protected.

We use GrainPro Bags as an inner liner for jute bags and polypropylene bags:

500 times more airtight than other materials.

Protects against mold growth and insect infestations.

Retains taste, color and aroma.

Maintains germination and vigor of stored seeds.

World famous standard storage for coffee, cocoa and seeds.

Preserves the quality for a long period of storage (about 1 year).

Preferred by top Chocolatiers

5150 Chocolate Co

"Beautiful Flavours."

Hogarth Chocolate Makers

"Truly a special chocolate that must be experienced at least once, and with a clean palate so that you can appreciate the subtlety of this exceptional cocoa" 

Glennmade Craft Chocolate

“These Criollo Porcelana beans are so special so I wanted to focus and highlight the delicate fruit flavor that came through when did our test roasts. I taste a nice delicate mango flavor coming through. ”  

Herencia Divina Chocolates

"Trabajar con cacao Porcelana es maravilloso." 

WM Chocolates

"This porcelana made the lineup not because it was rare, but because it was so impressive that I simply had to work with." 

Cocoa for Award Winning Chocolate

Loved by Chocolate Makers

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