Extra Fine Cacao


·        Red Fruit aromas with citrus finish

·        88%Fermented beans

·        Packed by GrainPro to retain flavors

·        60 Kg jute bag format

·        Stored in Europe

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·        Fruit and Almond notes

·        83% Fermented beans

·        Packed with GrainPro to retain flavors

·        60 Kg jute bag format

·        Stored in Europe

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Preferred by Chocolate Makers

Hogarth Chocolate Makers

"Truly a special chocolate that must be experienced at least once, and with a clean palate so that you can appreciate the subtlety of this exceptional cocoa" 

5150 Chocolate Co

"Beautiful Flavours."

Glennmade Craft Chocolate

“These Criollo Porcelana beans are so special so I wanted to focus and highlight the delicate fruit flavor that came through when did our test roasts.”  

WM Chocolates

"This porcelana made the lineup not because it was rare, but because it was so impressive that I simply had to work with." 

What our Customers are Saying


A color that speaks for itself! Aromas that permeated the environment highlighting an ancestral origin that very few have decided to rescue.

We must know how to appreciate and applaud those who immerse themselves in the adventure and the commitment to cultivate it and allow the chocolate guild to enhance its organoleptic characteristics that speak of the quality of the Venezuelan cocoa genetics and the harvest and post harvest process achieved by producers such as Cacao Marquez.

Herencia Divina Chocolateria

bean to bar chocolat

We use these cacao beans in our Venezuelan Guasare Brasstown Craft Chocolate. They contain a lot of criollo which makes them pleasantly aromatic with guava notes. 

Guasare cacao beans are sourced directly from a local plantation located deep in the Venezuelan mountains called La Sierra De Perija

Brasstown Chocolate

cacao chocolat

As this smooth bar melts, layers of tart raspberries and cranberries are released. Hints of lemon curd develop into a wonderful citrus finish.


The Trinitario beans in this bar were grown in northwestern Venezuela, between lake Maracaibo and the Sierra de Perija mountain range.

Two batches fermented for 48 hours and 72 hours, by Chocolate Maker Ara Chocolat

cacao criollo

A surprisingly vibrant fruit taste for a Porcelana, the perfumed citrus notes were pleasantly reminiscent of yuzu. These are perfectly balanced by slightly bitter undertones.


Criollo Porcelana Bar made by Ara Chocolat

cacao criollo

Dalia Chocolates

"The flavor profile on this bean is amazing. The
flavor notes we got are earthy, chestnut, and


Soul Chocolate

"Top Notch Venezuelan Cacao"


White Label Chocolate

"This 2018 Harvest with their new drying facility is the most impressive yet".

cocoa beans

Herencia Divina Chocolates

"Trabajar con cacao Porcelana es maravilloso." 

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