Cacao Criollo Porcelana

"A surprisingly vibrant fruit taste for a Porcelana, the perfumed citrus notes were pleasantly reminiscent of yuzu"

An intense fermentation in oak wood under banana leaves.

Limited Quantity

Porcelana Cocoa Beans are currently producing around 1 Metric Ton per harvest. The cacao trees of this variety are very sensible to weather and soil conditions making it very rare or non existent in other parts of the world. 

 Stock in Europe

For fast, responsive shipping. 3-6 days delivery in mainland Europe, we ship cocoa worldwide. 

 Fresh cacao, all aromas and flavor preserved.

With Grain Pro technologies we protect our cocoa beans against mold growth and insect infestations, retain taste, color and aroma, and preserve the quality for a long period of storage.


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Cacao Guasare Perija
Cacao Guasare Perija