Canoabo Criollo Porcelana

4 Years since the first seedling was planted, our cocoa pods in the Canoabo Valley are close to maturity.

cocoa beans

A “pilot” project for the initiative to reproduce and expand the presence of Criollo Porcelana variety across various regions of Venezuela, setting ideal conditions for growth and development. 

Canoabo, Carabobo State, Venezuela.

Small peaceful town and beautiful landscape once preferred by visitors from across the world, its fertile terrains hold the perfect conditions for cocoa.1500 New Cocoa Trees


After logistics and transport challenges we managed to build our cacao nursery; 5.000 seeds were planted of which 1.500 successfully developed, arguably a positive ratio given Cacao Porcelana’s difficulty adapting to different conditions other than its original place of birth. 

Thanks to the vast work and effort of Eng. Iraima Chacon, key for the promotion and preservation of our cacao origins, we were able to secure and transport the seeds for sowing and developing the plants.


cocoa criollo

The first cocoa tree of this new exciting origin.

Lemon, Plantain, Coffee, Ginger.

Cacao Porcelana grown in the Canoabo Valley will have its particular aroma influenced by nearby crops, this includes a vast plantation of Persian Lime, Ginger, Coffee and Plantain.

We expect a sweet cacao with a citrus finish, enhanced by our fermentation and drying process.

2021 Harvest.

As cocoa harvest productivity peaks between the 8th and 10th year, we only estimate around 1500 kilograms of dry, fermented, high quality Criollo beans to be exported into Europe as a premium product for the chocolate industry.

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