We specialize in fine cacao for chocolate making, working from plantation to market.


  •  We rely on our rich soil to develop great cocoa, it is our part to protect the cacao trees from insects and rodents, with adequate prunes the trees will be enriched by sun light and the mature pods will be accessible to collect.
  • We do not use chemical insecticides, since it eliminates the presence of beneficial insects that allow the pollination of cocoa.
  • We assess the maturity of the pod very carefully before harvesting as a checkpoint on final flavor. When the pods are collected we have 6 Hours to transport them into the warehouse where we Ferment and Dry.


 cocoa beans

We find the balance between a sufficient fermentation time by following temperature curves, reducing astringency to an acceptable level, preserving the aromas formed which could evaporate if the fermentation is overdone.

Fermentation is done in Oak Wood boxes covered with fresh plantain leaves.


 fermentation cacao

To assess the fermentation quality of cocoa, we rely on test cuts, aiming for 85% of fermented beans minimum.

Tailor Made Fermentation

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72% Guasare Bar made by Ara Chocolat
We can adjust fermentation upon request as chocolate makers prefer various levels of bitterness, acidity and strong cocoa aroma dictated by fermentation periods.


 cocoa criollo
Tunneled Drying System Permanently protected from rainy weather. Ventilation allows air to circulate and provide a uniformed drying process, covered by Polypropylene roofing to increase and retain internal heat.
We follow with rigor our drying practices as is the continuation of cotyledon oxidation reactions, promoting the chocolate aroma before roasting.



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Dry, clean and low humidity environment keeping the bean optimal and protected.
All of our origins are stored in our warehouse before being exported to our logistic and storage provider in Europe. 


 Each year we work alongside fellow farmers to expand our Cacao origins and increase harvest productivity across various regions of Venezuela.

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