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Cacao Criollo Porcelana

Criollo Cocoa Beans

A Criollo variety of white almond with a softer tone than other cocoa varieties.

Near the caves of Sorotaima, Venezuela, we
found this ancient Criollo Porcelana, in a plantation
surrounded by two rivers that have been keeping this
cacao unaltered for many generations, preserving its
original almond and nutty cocoa flavors.


               According to the International Standards for the Assessment of Cocoa Quality and Flavor, Criollo lots are known for Sweetness, Nutty and Fresh Fruit characteristics. See the entire reference chart here.

 Our Cacao Criollo beans are surrounded by a variety of crops like Passion Fruit and Mango that highly influence aroma.

An intense fermentation of 159 hours in oak wood under banana leaves.

 We don't take fermentation for granted, it is the key to develop fantastic flavors and aromas. 

Limited Quantity

Porcelana Cocoa Beans are currently producing around 1 Metric Ton per harvest. The cacao trees of this variety is are very sensible to weather and soil conditions making it very rare or non existent in other parts of the world. 

 But don't worry.


We are working hard to preserve and develop our ancient origins, and empowering our fellow cacao producers to do so. Every cacao has a great potential to be discovered through post-harvest practices.

 Stock in Europe

For fast, responsive shipping. 3-6 days delivery in mainland Europe, we ship cocoa worldwide. 

 Fresh cacao, all aromas and flavor preserved.

With Grain Pro technologies we protect our cocoa beans against mold growth and insect infestations, retain taste, color and aroma, and preserve the quality for a long period of storage.



Loved by Chocolate Makers

"Truly a special chocolate that must be experienced at least once, and with a clean palate so that you can appreciate the subtlety of this exceptional cocoa" Hogarth Chocolate Makers

"Pouring up some molds with pure Venezuelan 70% dark chocolate made from cacao porcelana beans. The flavor profile on this bean is amazing. The flavor notes we got are earthy, chestnut, and rum. Very different flavor profile from our Sur del Lago 70% dark chocolate made from a trinitario bean"

  •  Quantity per Sample: 500 gr
  • 60 Kg jute bags
  • Ships from Europe
  • Test Cut available on demand
  • Humidity Test available on demand

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