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Cocoa Beans Trinitario Guasare

 Pink Cocoa beans with guava tones and floral aromas

Cacao protagonist of fabulous creations winning international chocolate awards, its genetic is influenced by a high percentage of Criollo making it an intense and bitter cocoa carrying smooth fruity notes.

Ideal Environment

From Sierra Del Diluvio region, in the state of Zulia, the plantation is located just over 1,045 meters above sea level. A very rich soil making it the perfect place to develop fully aromatic cocoa. 

 Cocoa for Award Winning Chocolate

Brasstown Guasare 70%

This magnificent creation won 3 medals at the International Chocolate Awards and Academy of Chocolate. Brasstown Chocolateis located in Wiston-Salem, founded by chocolatiers Rom Still and Barbara Price, involved in all stages of the bean to bar process. 

"Guasare cacao beans are sourced directly from a local plantation located deep in the Venezuelan mountains called La Sierra De Perija. We use these cacao beans in our Venezuelan Guasare Brasstown Craft Chocolate. They contain a lot of criollo which makes them pleasantly aromatic with guava notes." 


Guasare Fermented for 48 Hours and 72 Hours

In an interesting request, Andres, master chocolatier and co-founder of Ara Chocolat, asked us to divide the cocoa into two batches, one fermented for 48 hours and the other fermented for 72 hours, while playing with its roasting and conching. A true pioneer of chocolate.

The result: two different bars in aroma, sweetness and overall flavor.

We proudly watched Ara Chocolat win the silver medal in the Micro-lot - Plain originate dark chocolate bars at the International Chocolate Awards. 


Guava, Floral, Bitter

"Beautiful Flavors"

5150 Chocolate co. 

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 Fresh cacao, all aromas and flavor preserved.

With Grain Pro technologies we protect our cocoa beans against mold growth and insect infestations, retain taste, color and aroma, and preserve the quality for a long period of storage.



  •  Quantity per Sample: 500 gr
  • 60 Kg jute bags
  • Ships from Europe
  • Test Cut available on demand
  • Humidity Test available on demand